Hybrid Flooring: A 100% Waterproof Flooring Solution to Your Home


Hybrid Flooring

A Rigid floating floor type called hybrid flooring combines the greatest qualities of vinyl and laminate. The robust surface and high-density core of hybrid flooring makes it scratch, stain, and pet-friendly. This flooring is offered in a variety of hues and patterns and functions much like solid hardwood planks or tiles.

If you want to renovate your house and want the look of real timber flooring without the concerns of having to look after a hardwood floor, the best option is hybrid flooring, this development in flooring combines the look of timber floors with the affordability of laminate and vinyl flooring. In addition laminate and vinyl flooring can be used in all areas of the home, including wet areas, at Sun Floors, we have a stylish range of  affordable hybrid flooring available in a variety of colours, with options to suit all styles of home at a low hybrid flooring cost in Australia

Hybrid Flooring  was introduced to the market in 2018-2019, since then its the most popular and widely used type of flooring. Hybrid Flooring is composed of Calcium Carbonate or Wood Composite ,PVC, UV Stabilizer and Wear Layer. Hybrid flooring is waterproof making it an excellent choice for individuals looking for the highest level of performance. Hybrid Flooring is suitable for all types of needs  and is widely used in Kitchen, Laundry, Bathrooms, Hallways. Hybrid flooring is ideal for hot climates and in front of north facing windows because of its new core technology and UV coated surface. its also capable of handling heavy foot traffic at home or in working areas because of its robustness and impact. in addition laminate and vinyl hybrid is a 100% water proof product, making it a suitable option for wet areas.

Advantages of Hybrid Flooring

Hybrid Flooring is 100% Waterproof
Hybrid Flooring provides your house or workplace a fashionable appearance akin to laminate flooring
Hybrid Flooring is long-lasting and ideal for homes with children or pets
Underlay is already included in Hybrid Flooring, so you won’t need to purchase it separately.
Hybrid Flooring resists UV rays
Hybrid Flooring is low maintenance; all you need is a vacuum or brush, and since it is waterproof, It can be mopped

Hybrid Flooring Care

1.Felt pads or legs should be fastened to heavy furniture. Remove any metal tabs or nails that may be present.
2. All wheels and coasters should be simple to swivel and appropriate for durable flooring.
3. To stop dirt, sand, grit, and other abrasive materials from being tracked into your home, use doormats outside the entry.
4. Close the drapes or shutters in areas where intense sunlight reaches the ground. Long-term exposure to intense sunlight may result in a little discoloration of your floor.
5.Use wooden runways or strips if you need to transport bulky furniture or appliances over the flooring.
6.Sweep or vacuum often to eliminate dirt and debris, when sweeping alone is insufficient, sometimes mop to eliminate any dirt accumulation. Use neither polish nor wax. The most effective cleaning solution consists of three parts warm water, one part white vinegar, and a little amount of dishwashing detergent. Avoid using steam cleaners.

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