Why consider Laminate Flooring?

Don’t give up on your ambition of having solid oak floorboards just because your budget can only support laminate.

Solid wood and engineered wood boards may be more expensive than laminate flooring, but that doesn’t mean it looks or feels “cheap.” Since laminate was first released about 30 years ago, a lot has changed, and the labels “fake floor” are no longer applicable. It can be challenging to distinguish laminate flooring from real wood flooring because the majority of options on the market now have finishes that are so genuine.

To be sure, don’t just go by appearances. If a laminate’s pricing appears too appealing to be true, it most often is. For instance, a cheap laminate made in China may appear OK at first glance, but after being exposed to spills, the material may quickly swell and cause a myriad of issues. However, if you choose a Quick-Step Laminate instead, swelling is greatly reduced because of its excellent damp-proof properties and Uniclic Lock System (which secures planks closely together to stop spills from leaking).

As a general rule, the swell factor increases when purchasing laminate flooring as the price decreases. Here is a list of “quality control” inquiries to make before making a purchase:

  • What kind of connecting mechanism is employed? To be clear, Uniclic is the greatest in the world.
  • What guarantees are given? For your information, a 25-year warranty will provide you assurance but always read the fine print.
  • How well does the product withstand moisture? Just so you know, laminate flooring is always of superior quality when the HDF core is harder.
  • Is the product of high quality? Remember to carefully read reviews and find out just how long the product has indeed been available in Australia!


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